Why did we build the hyve?

When we started to build the Hyve we asked ourselves one simple question.

How can we make it easier for people to start an online fitness program and then stick to it?

These days there are plenty of online fitness options available for everyone to use. From simple free videos on YouTube to complex sites that track your performance in every possible way.

So we looked for a way to provide the best aspects of what is on offer out there, while also avoiding the parts that are unnecessarily complex or expensive.

why not just use free sites?

Free video sites offer thousands of fitness and work out possibilities. Which is great. But there are also some downsides to using free sites and we’ve tried to fix these with the Hyve.

Of course the biggest benefit of free sites is that you can work out for free. So, our first objective was to make the Hyve freely accessible to everyone. You don’t have to commit to giving up your credit card details to sign up or take up a free trial. With the Hyve you can sign up as a free member and you can watch two selected videos from every trainer on the site. As many times as you like.

As a free member, if life gets busy and you have to sideline your fitness activities for a while, you don’t have to cancel your Hyve membership. You can always just drop out and come back later on. No hassles.

But there are a few downsides to the free offerings out there.

** How do I keep track of everything?**

First of all you often have to remember where to find workouts that you have liked watching. Or coaches that you have enjoyed working out with.

The Hyve allows fitness coaches from all around the world to make their content available to you. So you can always find what you are looking for in one easy to access place.

Is my free online coach a true fitness expert?

Some fitness Youtubers, Facebookers and Instagrammers come from a professional fitness background. But, many don’t. And many people offering fitness advice on free social platforms seem more interested in grabbing your attention or getting you to subscribe to their feed than giving you a real workout.

The coaches on the Hyve are typically professional personal trainers or coaches. They usually have expert qualifications and years of experience under their belts. This means that play create workouts that are effective and safer for you to follow.

Are they offering real workouts?

Unfortunately there are many workouts online that are really designed to convince you to subscribe to someone’s YouTube channel or Instagram feed so they can make money from online advertising or product sales. So you have to spend a lot of time listening to someone talking about how wonderful they are rather than delivering the workout that you are looking for.

The videos on the Hyve always focus on real workouts, that are designed by experts to give you the best workout experience - and nothing but that.

A world of fitness variety

The Hyve is a hub that lets fitness coaches from right around the world offer their advice and workouts.

So, there are always fresh new coaches joining - and offering fresh new workout options.

It’s this global element of the Hyve that means that you will always have access to plenty of variety when you are a member.

While the Hyve is still in it’s early days and the number of trainers is growing every month. So, some workouts may be hard to find right now - but we are adding new videos all the time. Why is variety important?

We come from the fitness industry, so we know that boredom and repetition plays a critical role in determining how long people stick to achieving their fitness goals. So, if you get bored with a particilar trainer, or doing the same-old group of workout exercises, you will always find something new to try on the Hyve.

As the Hyve builds you’ll be able to chose from an ever-expanding library of coaches, advice and workout styles.